e-Business & e-Management

Unique solutions that can enhance business and improve processes.

e-Business & e-Management

With over a decade of experience in software market and application development we present unique solutions that can improve processes and enhance business, adding value solutions for you and your customers.

Aware of the rapid and continuous evolution of technologies and their impact on profitability and reputation of our customers, we are dedicated provide solutions that can boost your business through online, embracing all systems and structures involved in business operations, from direct contact with consumers and suppliers, market analysis, investment analysis to research of economic and market conditions.

We also make available to our customers a range array of systems that interrelate and interact with other systems and infrastructure that can serve as the e-commerce.

We commit ourselves to supplying products and services with the highest quality, based on combinations of systems and tools involved in internal management, and that offer greater value to our customers and optimize operations and management.
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Rua D. João IV, 399 - 1º Andar, Sala 3
4000-302 Porto

Tel.: +351 225 420 760
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Scope of supply: Design and development of technological solutions for e-business and e-management