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Hospitality & Tourism

e-GDS [Global Distribution Solutions] is one of the most advanced hotel distribution systems offer based on an innovative platform for the integrated management of hotels and sales channels, supported by a "book engine" for e-commerce for buyers and sellers in the hotel industry worldwide.

In a clear symbiosis between the market need and the most advanced technology, xyzt, sa recently launched the module e-GDS Dynamic Packaging: a clear response to Hospitality and Tourism Industry development.

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e-GDS Dynamic Packaging
Take your online bookings to the next level, with a powerful booking engine that allows you to sell any product or service you can provide to your client.
Now you can have total independency and control, you can improve your revenue with our intelligent and accurate overbooking and overallotment management tools.
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A complete and autonomous content management for websites and portals, implementing marketing strategies and online reservations with tools for search engine optimization.
e-GDS Channel Manager
Easy rate and availability control for multiple distribution channels with one single login.  Save time and maximize revenue! Now you can increase demand and visibility: contract more websites and distributors while reducing costs and human resources workload.
Specially created to answer independent hotels and hotels chains needs to achieve the best results in customer management while increasing loyalty and revenue.

Our unique business report features gives the input you need to improve cross-selling, explore market opportunities and provide your client with a more value-added service.
Keep and manage all the information of your guests stays.

Simplify and take advantage of your management process with quickly views of all categories availability, and with complete statistic analysis and qualified information about all your guests.
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