Sample Management Solutions.


EZTracer is management software that allows you to trace samples in equipments such as Ultracongeladores, Contentores de Azoto, Frigorificos, Camaras de Conservação.

•    Reduce risk of loss or difficulty tracing a sample
•    Fast and effective method to identify any sample’s location
•    Simplify sample storage, request and withdrawal procedures
•    Optimize equipments’ storage space

This software was designed to answer the specific needs of three distincts market segments.

Cord Blood Bank
This solution is specially design to answer the news of Cord Blood Bank. It manages each sample information from medical results, client information and all the process the sample goes through.

Research & Health
Flexible and adaptable to your needs, EZTracer Research & Health answers to the needs of Clinical, Research or Health Labs. You have maximum flexibility in equipment configuration and you can keep track of all changes made to your samples or aliquots.

Blood Bank
Keep easy control over availability, ins and outs of blood. This solution will help you organize and keep control at all times of the resources you have available to reply faster to requests and more efficient in your blood bank management.






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